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We have completed hundreds of Alaska blasting projects since 1970!

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Veteran Owned | Fully Licensed Bonded & Insured | High Explosives


Avalanche Blasting | Casing Cutting | Concrete Blasting | Ditch Line Blasting | Quarry Blasting | Rip-Rap Blasting

Rock Blasting | Seismic Blasting | Well Perforating

Veteran Owned | Fully Licensed Bonded & Insured | High Explosives
Contractor • Consultant • Dealer


As a CONTRACTOR in High Explosives, we drill and/or blast and perforate about anything that is practical including:

1.  ROCK:  For excavation, rip-rap, quarries, crushers, ditch lines, boulders, etc.

2. CONCRETE:  Bridges, old foundations, cement from inside cement mixers, etc.

3. SNOW & ICE:  Blast ice jams loose on rivers, avalanche control, blast vehicles loose that have fallen into lakes and rivers and frozen in.

4.  PERMAFROST:  For ditch lines, excavation, etc.

5.  STEEL:  We blast steel beams in bridges, shoot down towers, sink ships, etc.

6.  SEISMIC:  All types of seismograph blasting.

7.  WATER WELL BLASTING & PERFORATING:  We blast bedrock well formations in slow producing wells to improve water flow rate, cut casings at desired depths with explosive shaped charges, perforate steel well casings at desired depths to let water in and also for well abandonment, to grout formations shut.  We blast boulders from beneath casing drive shoes when the casings get stuck,  drill stem back-offs when drill stems get stuck or blast the drill stems apart to salvage them.  We also blast off stuck water pumps.


9.  DISPOSAL OF OLD EXPLOSIVES:  We burn or detonate old explosives and dispose of them in accordance with manufacturers recommendations or as we believe to be the safest and most practical way possible where they are located.


As a CONSULTANT in Blasting and High Explosives we will:

1.  Look at your blasting project and give our best recommendation of how to go about it, draw up blasting plans, etc.

2.  Supervise a blasting project including drawing up blasting plans, supervising placement of explosive storage magazines, taking care of BATFE and other necessary compliance paperwork, laying out drill patterns, supervising the drillers and powder men, detonating the blasts, burning explosive boxes, sacks, cap wires, etc.


As a DEALER in High Explosives:

1.  We keep quite a variety of explosives in stock and can purchase and/or order up just the right explosives to fit each specific blasting job, as needed.  We only sell explosives that we shoot on our projects, and do not sell explosives to the general public.

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Statewide Blasting and Perforating Service

is a VETERAN OWNED, custom blasting and perforating business, serving Alaska since 1970. We are also a member of ISEE (International Society of Explosives Engineers).

We have completed hundreds of blasting projects SINCE 1970 here in Alaska. We have been contracted by the State of Alaska, General Contractors, Home Owners, Water Well Drilling Companies, Seismograph Companies, and Government Agencies.



We can help you on any of your projects that require drilling, blasting or perforating.


For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: (907) 688-2478 or fill out the following form

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Contact Information

C.C. (Buck) Kuhn, Jr.

P.O. Box 770032

Eagle River, AK 99577


Tel: (907) 688-2478

Cell: (907) 223-3088


Get a quote: 907-688-2478

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